[K-Play] A Well-made Korean Play ‘Unchain’ Opens Dec. 15th in Korea!


The Pursuit of Perfection, ‘Unchain

For an artist, there is a relentless pursuit to master your craft. How far would you go to be the best soprano, a master artist or a renaissance actor?

‘Method’, the movie, features actors in the play ‘Unchain’; a play which becomes reality this December 15th.

In the movie, two actors are the leading stars of the play ‘Unchain’. The movie, which received critical acclaim, shows the consequences of how becoming your character can lead to more than what you bargained for.

This crossover is unique, since we can see in depth the relationship these two characters had in the play, and mirrored in the movie.

Walter and Singer find themselves kidnapped and in a basement. Both men are lovers, and yet the story is not of their romance but of the darkness they find themselves in.

The story focuses not on homosexuality but that of distrust, betrayal and violence. If you were put into an extreme situation, could your love and trust be enough to endure any situation?

Though dark and foreboding, ‘Unchain’ will be sure to have anyone contemplating how our love can turn, and what that could mean.

Unchain opens Dec. 15th, 2017 in Contents Ground, Seoul and runs until Feb 2018.

You can Book the Ticket here! Click the Chain!